Self Referral

We allow access to certain kinds of medical imaging scans without a referral from a doctor.

Self refer now


What scans can I self refer for?

Broadly speaking you cannot self refer for scans which involve higher radiation doses such as CT scans and nuclear medicine scans. However, if you have been referred for an NHS appointment for these scans and wish to speed it up, providing you have the details of the referral we can often still accommodate you.

Self referral is accepted for most other examinations, such as MRI scans, ultrasound scans, x-rays and injection treatments.

In all cases, your referral needs to “make sense” and contain sufficient clarity and detail for a radiology specialist to agree to the carrying out of your scan. This is not us being awkward, it is a legal requirement for medical imaging exposures.

How to self refer

Right now, we require that you contact us via our contact form and explain the following

  • Which scan you wish to self refer for
  • Why you need the scan
  • Any medical history relevant to the referral
  • Contact details

We will then contact you to discuss the self referral in more depth, quote a price and check if you are suitable.

How do I get the results?

You will be sent a formal report around 2 days after the examination. We read all private scans within 48-hours. If the result is intended for a doctor who you are seeing, you can provide their details and we will send it there too.

Which scans frequently get refused self referral access?

Scans which are unclear or do not medically make sense to us are likely to be refused self referral access. We often suggest that you consult a doctor to clarify the situation and come up with a plan on which type of scan is best suited, then you can come back to us for your scan.

We work with a network of private specialists and general physicians who can help you work out the best approach to your diagnosis. This makes your scan far more meaningful in the long run.

How is payment for self referral scans handled?

Your scan will take place at Harrogate District Hospital who will send you an invoice for your scan after it has taken place. You will be quoted the price for the scan before it takes place.

Attending for the scan you will sign to agree to pay for the scan you have. Payment can be taken in a number of forms such as by cheque or with debit / credit card over the phone.