We offer a full range of general, dental and specialist radiographic services with same day drop in availability

How it works

The original radiological examination is still widely used today for the investigation of chest and limb conditions. A tiny amount of radiation is passed through your body and recorded onto a detector plate which will then be processed by your radiographer. Multiple angled images of a body part may be taken.

X-ray creates images due to different absorption of radiation by different tissues in the body and shows a detailed outline of structures for diagnosis by the radiologist.

Drop in and have your x-ray today

X-rays are fast and require no specific preparation so we offer a drop-in service. You may either be referred in advance or bring your referral form with you on the day.

Once you’ve booked in you will be asked to wait until a radiographer is available to carry out your investigation. We do also offer fixed appointments for those who do not wish to wait, but these must be booked in advance by contacting the x-ray department.


A radiologist will read your x-ray and issue a result within 48-hours of your examination. In some cases, if a radiologist is available a sooner report will be issued. We always send results to your referring doctor. For self referring patients, a copy of your result is issued to you and one to your GP for inclusion into your medical records.


X-ray uses tiny radiation doses but we would tend to avoid the investigation where possible during pregnancy. You must inform us if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. You will be asked safety screening questions during your appointment.

X-ray Price List

Examination Price
Chest £106
Abdominal £120
Kidneys, Ureter, Bladder £120
Pelvic £106
Single limb part (2 views) £106
Spine (2 views) £150
Orthopantogram (OPG) £106
Skeletal Survey (Myeloma) £330