Ultrasound Scans

Fast, convenient and radiation free. Ultrasound can be used to investigate a wide range of specific conditions.

How it works

By passing high frequency sound waves through the body ultrasound generates detailed realtime images of soft tissue body parts. Without the need for radiation, it is safe and can be repeated without side-effects. Ultrasound is so safe that it is widely used for pregnancy and baby scanning.

It is also an excellent way of looking at soft tissue structures such as tendons, organs and connective tissues. Using Doppler Ultrasound, dynamic realtime assessment of blood flow in veins and arteries is possible and accurate measurements can be taken.

The convenient form factor and realtime images ultrasound provides also make it a popular choice for doctors giving image guided treatments for a wide range of conditions such as rotator cuff injury or hip arthritis.


Preparation for ultrasound

Preparation depends on what part of the body you are having an ultrasound scan of.

Abdominal & Pelvic Scans
Require a period of fasting before your scan to reduce bowel gas. You will still be able to drink water and may in fact be instructed to arrive with a filled bladder which helps visualisation of pelvic structures.
Musculoskeletal and other Soft Tissue scans
No specific preparation is required. You will need to remove any dressings as ultrasound cannot see through them.
Ultrasound guided injections
To reduce the risk of infection we recommend that you shower or bathe the area of injection on the day of the procedure


When you attend for Ultrasound

You may be asked to change into a gown or simply to expose the body part being imaged. Ultrasound gel will be applied to the area and the probe placed on the skin and moved around as images are obtained by your doctor.

Can I ask questions during the study?

Of course you can, and our doctors will be happy to explain what they are looking at. They may not be able to provide you an explanation of your result at the time as ultrasound is often used in conjunction with other tests.

Please understand however that a great deal of concentration is required when performing these examinations, and your doctor may need to focus on the scan at times. This is especially true during injections.

When will I get the results

Your results may be explained to you to some extent on the day, but a full medical report will be sent to your doctor if you were referred. If you self-referred, your results will still be sent to you soon after the scan and also sent to your GP to combine with your medical records. 

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Examination Price Price (including drugs)
Diagnostic scan £300
Abdominal £375
Pelvic (transabdominal) £375
Pelvic (transabdominal + transvaginal) £450
Abdominal + Pelvic (transabdominal) £450
US guided Hycosy - £550
Doppler scan (1 limb) £400
Doppler scan (bilateral) £550
Head & Neck diagnostic scan £375
US guided FNA / tissue biopsy £535
US guided soft tissue / joint injection - £415
Complex Musculoskeletal
US guided barbotage - £550
US guided hydrodilatation - £550
High volume Achilles treatment - £550
Please enquire if your required procedure is not listed. Complex ultrasound guided procedures and interventional treatments will be quoted on a per case basis.