Security and Data Protection

How we take care of our patients precious personal data

At Yorkshire Radiology we know that we are fairly unique in offering such a comprehensive online referral system allowing self referrals and referrals from your doctors and other health professionals.

We’ve worked very hard at making this the most secure medical referral system available and we’d like to help you understand how that has been achieved so that you can confidently enjoy our services.

No data stored on our servers

We do not store or save any customer data, including your medical referral data on our servers. By immediately encrypting and transmitting your referrals to our doctors we protect your data even if our servers are compromised.

Secure Encryption at every step

All communications with our website use industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. But it doesn’t stop there, because as well as not storing your information on our server we encrypt it at the point of capture using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology.

We only gather what we need

By not asking you for information which is not necessary for your medical treatment with us, we keep you safer online. We adhere to the guidelines of the Data Protection Act (1998) and the principles of Information Governance defined by the National Health Service (NHS).

Paper, fax and e-mail

We hear you… your information is far more likely to be compromised during transmission as a fax, posted document or unsecured email. Unfortunately many doctors still widely use these methods and we’d love you to persuade your referrer to use our secure online referral system.

Payment Processing

We process credit and debit card payments through our partners Stripe. Your banking details are not stored on our servers, they are processed directly by Stripe and we transmit all data to them through a secured (SSL) connection.

Medical Notes & Radiology Images

After your scan has taken place, your medical imaging data (scan images) are stored securely on our PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) based at Harrogate Hospital. This means that your data is retrievable for future access and is readily searchable along with your NHS medical records.

Because your medical imaging data is stored in the same system as your NHS data, it complies to all of the same rigorous standards adhered to in all UK public hospitals.