Rapid private diagnostics

Stop wasting time waiting for your diagnosis or chasing down scan reports

👋 We also do great non-surgical injection treatments

Private Scans

Tired of waiting for that NHS scan appointment or perhaps you've had the scan but are still waiting for a result. With zero waiting time we are able to offer you a private scan or report a scan you have already had (second opinion).

  • High resolution MRI scans

  • Low dose CT scans

  • Digital X-ray (including immigration chest xrays)

  • Ultrasound scans (including musculoskeletal)

  • SPECT CT nuclear medicine

  • Mammography and breast ultrasound

  • Female pelvic ultrasound (female consultants)

  • Specialist paediatric scanning

  • Interventional radiology (biopsy, drainage, injection etc)

Ultrasound guided joint injection in Leeds and Harrogate
Spinal epidural facet injection in Leeds, Harrogate and York

Image Guided Injections

Pain relief is a short visit away with our non-surgical injection treatments. We generally offer appointments within 1-2 weeks for simple steroid (cortisone) injections carried out by our specialist MSK radiologists.We also offer a wide range of more complex pain treatments

  • Hydrodistention for frozen shoulder

  • Barbotage and lavage for calcific tendinitis

  • High volume tenolysis for Achilles and patellar tendinopathy

  • Transforaminal epidural for spinal nerve root pain

  • Facet joint injections

  • Percutaneous trigger finger release

  • Peripheral nerve blocks (suprascapular, genicular, meralgia)

Our Experts, your care

We always assign your scan to an expert. All of our radiologists are specialist doctors who will give your case the attention you deserve.

Dr Neal Larkman Breast Radiologist, MSK, Nuclear Medicine

Dr Neal Larkman

Breast and Musculoskeletal

Dr Caroline Costello Specialist Breast Radiologist

Dr Caroline Costello


Dr Jon Sharpe Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Dr Jon Sharpe

Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine

Dr Adam Culverwell Body Gastrointestinal Radiologist

Dr Adam Culverwell

Body & Gastrointestinal

Yorkshire Radiology

Dr Hilary Moss

Body & Chest

Dr Andrew Koo Urology prostate scan specialist

Dr Andrew Koo

Neuro & Urology

Dr Daniel Fascia Musculoskeletal Radiologist, MRI, Ultrasound, Injections, Spinal, Sports Imaging

Dr Daniel Fascia

Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine

Dr Ashley Uttley Paediatric Radiologist

Dr Ashley Uttley

Paediatric & Women's Imaging

Our main scanning facilities and clinics are in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
We offer some services in Leeds, remote image review and second opinion reporting.

Simple Pricing

Great value private medical imaging you can trust.

Self pay prices, all charges inclusive. Payment taken in advance of scan or treatment.
We are a recognised provider with the major international insurance providers
as "Harrogate Harlow Private Healthcare"

Ultrasound scan



Consultation included
High resolution ultrasound
Scan by specialist radiologist
Steroid injection from £450
Hydrodistention £650
High volume Achilles treatment £650
Nerve root block £1650


MRI scan



Zero waiting list
Electronic report
Report by topic specialist

== Premium Express scan £450==
Faster turnaround time

CT scan



Zero waiting list
Low dose CT scanners
Expert body radiologists

== Premium Express from £450==
Faster turnaround time

Pricing of private medical procedures is a complex process and requires a bespoke approach for each patient. We will always quote you an accurate price in advance and provide the insurance billing codes you require.


What people say about our service.
Here are just a few of the comments we have gathered

Private MRI Scan patient from Leeds, West Yorkshire

Great service from the MRI department. Helpful, friendly staff and I got my results a day later. My consultant thought the image quality was really good.

Tony Roberts, Leeds

Private ultrasound scan patient from York

I had been waiting for months for an NHS appointment. I was seen promptly, having been given a Sunday appointment to fit in with a weekend visit to Harrogate.

Helen James, York

Private steroid injection patient from London

I came for a private steroid injection and was able to get an appointment really fast. The doctor explained the procedure well, it was quick and easy.

Tara Robinson, London

Fast chest x-ray immigration VISA application China, Australia, South Africa

I had a tight turnaround for an immigration VISA needing a chest x-ray. Dr Koo sorted it out really fast and sent an electronic report.

Mei Ling Wong, China

Gynaecology pelvic ultrasound female doctor, Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, York

I wanted to be able to choose a female doctor I felt I could trust for my pelvic ultrasound scan after a previous bad experience.

Tessa Wilkinson, Ilkley

Joint injection steroid pain relief ultrasound guided, Harrogate

I decided to go private for my hip injection while I wait for surgery. The procedure was almost painless and has worked very well.

Mary Smith, Harrogate

Image gallery

Some examples of our work


Secure electronic online referral for all of your private radiology

Health Professionals

Secure electronic referrals can be made for your patients using our online e-referral service.

  • Specialist Doctors

  • General Practitioners (GPs)

  • Allied Health Professionals

  • Administrative staff acting on behalf


Patients can complete an electronic referral form in certain circumstances.

  • We've asked you to fill one out

  • Your referrer has discussed your case and asked you to fill out your own referral

  • We do not accept self assessed patient referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a steroid injection last?

Difficult one to answer! We'd say the average was 3-4 months but patients find it highly variable. Remember steroid is a strong anti-inflammatory treatment, not just a pain killer.

What is your refund policy?

We will work our hardest to reschedule your appointment.Non attendance is non-refundable.
Cancellation within 24hrs is non-refundable.
Refunds are subject to deduction of combined payment processing and administrative fees of 3%.

Can someone explain my results?

Typically your referrer will go through your radiological report findings at your next consultation. Some of our doctors offer video consultation to review results for an additional fee.

Why can't I have bilateral procedures on the same day?

In some situations it is not a good idea to have bilateral treatments on the same day for safety purposes.Insurers often will not fund separate treatments in the same appointment, though exceptions can be negotiated.

How does self funding payment work?

We will accurately estimate the price of your care in advance of offering an appointment. Payment will be taken in advance of the appointment.

How long will it take to get my results?

If you are referred by a health professional we will deliver results to them. Our average report turnaround for private patients is within 2 working days.We offer a Premium Express Service for urgent situations.

How does it work with my private medical insurance?

We are approved by most major international insurers.Following referral we will quote the correct codes for your planned care. You must then obtain a pre-authorisation code ahead of your appointment.You will also be asked to sign a contract accepting responsibility to cover our fees in the event of non-payment or underpayment (shortfall) by your insurer.

Why have I been advised not to drive?

For interventional treatments potentially causing temporary impairment of function (anaesthetic), we recommend you do not drive immediately following your appointment. You are ultimately responsible to self assess your capability.

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